Friday, September 14, 2012

Foundation application/brush or no brush

I consider foundation to be a very important part of the makeup process.  First of all, not everyone was blessed with smooth even toned skin and when we can find a product that covers our spots and blemishes... ahhhhhhh....heavenly.

Now the question.  Do you have to use a brush to apply foundation?
The answer to this question varies.  If you are a makeup artist you will know that not every client wants their face to be touched, meaning they don't want your hands all up in their faces. Therefore, it is recommended to use a brush or makeup sponge.

For personal application you can use whatever works for you (makeup sponge, brush, fingers). 

I personally like to use my hands. Yes, my hands. I use cream or liquid foundation so it's kind of easy to just pour a little of the product in my hands, rub them together and apply in the same manner I apply my moisturizer.  I prefer this method because my hands warm the product and makes it kind of dissapear into my skin. (I use brushes and makeup sponges for my clients)
If and when I use a sponge I make sure it's damp because it enables the product to spread more evenly over the face.

So don't have to use a brush if you don't want to.
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