Monday, December 3, 2012
Coconut Oil For Hair

I have been using coconut oil ever since I was a child.  My great grandmother use to make it and we all had our little role that we played in the production of this oil.
She had these huge graters that she would give us with the coconut in a bowl and we would sit for hours grating.   
Then she would juice it and boil the milk in a big zinc pan over a wood fire. The oil was then bottled and shared among family an friends.

We poured it into our lotions, hair oils, we cooked with it. We used this oil for all sorts of things.

Now coconut oil is one of the most popular hair products on the market.  It is used for hot oil treatments (shampoo hair, apply warm coconut oil to hair and scalp, cover with steam cap and sit under hair dryer for 10 to 15 mins).
It can also be used for scalp or dandruff treatments, or as finishing sheen after styling.

I love to use it on locks and for natural hair styling.

I'm sure that there are many other things that this oil is used for.   Reasearch and try it, you may love it.


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  1. I love to use it on locks and for natural hair styling.Thanks for sharing this post.

    Marisha Wick
    Jamaican Black Castor